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Acrylic Signs

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    Acrylic is a wonderful alternative to glass and can be used for various functions such as lobby signs, directional signs, architectural sign. Many companies choose acrylic because of its safety appeal and professional appearance. They are more sophisticated and permanent than plastic coreflute signs and can be easily placed on tables or walls for clear visibility.

    One of the advantages of acrylic is that it can be printed on directly, or can be used as a rigid substrate to attach print films like opaque and clear window decals, or backlit adhesive. The most common setting for acrylic is the office or commercial space. We find they can give a highly appealing design to items such as room plaques, number signs, signs in receptionist areas, and even entire building directories. In some other cases, they can be used as entrance signs, or as business signs in commercial business parks.

    Whatever your need is, WA PRINTING can find the right acrylic sign for you. Please come visit us at one of our conveniently located stores in Perth and Midland to discuss with a W PRINTING team member today.