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      Bookmarks are cost-effective ways to reach large numbers of audience and reinforce brand awareness. Using bookmarks is a great promotional tool that provides your customers with something they can use and also keeps your business at the front of their mind every time they go to read their favorite book. Targeted at the right audience bookmarks are often used by educational companies, art studios and community run programs.

      Bookmarks from WA PRINTING can be printed in different sizes and colors. Your bookmarks can be custom made with a fast turnaround time.  Our personalized 2" x 6" bookmark is full color, double-sided on heavy 350gsm card stock with an optional gloss or matte finish. They are inexpensive but they don't look like the cheap bookmarks found elsewhere. The high quality thick stock ensures that our bookmarks stand the test of time and will be enjoyed by your customers well into the future.

      WA PRINTING now located in Perth, if you want to make an order, please pay a visit to our stores or make a call to our office.